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Some of the most typical questions and concerns that you may experience while making an insurance claim for a fallen tree are listed below. You will also be able to obtain an outline of the essential processes for filing your claim.

  1. File the Claim – It is important to file a claim as soon as you notice any damages done by a fallen tree to your property.
  2. To manage insurance claims, contact a reliable tree service business in your region. – It is critical to understand the procedures of an insurance claim and what will and will not be covered. The easiest method to accomplish this is to call and hire a tree service that specializes in both of these operations.
  3. Hire the tree service company and ensure the safety of you and your loved ones during the tree removal process – The number one priority in any incident is to always keep you and your loved ones safe. The tree service company will be able to tell you the cost that the insurance company will cover during the whole process. Click here to see how the insurance company evaluates the coverage of the incident. 
  4. Finally, pay the tree service company and get reimbursed from your insurance company – Just like any other insurance, reimbursement of the process itself usually comes after you have made the payment towards the service company itself. Afterwards, the insurance company will ask you to keep your receipts and photos of the entire process so that they can write you a check of the reimbursement itself. 
How will I know if the service fee for removing a fallen tree is covered or not?
Insurance companies usually cover the cost of tree removal if a tree has fallen on your property. Some of the questions and answers below can help you determine if your tree removal will be covered.
Is the fallen tree on your property? Or on your neighbor’s property?
Any trees that have fallen on your home (even if they are your neighbor’s tree) the insurance company will pay for the tree removal service. However, insurance companies may consider any dead trees that fell from your neighbor’s house your neighbor’s responsibilities for deferred maintenance. In that case, your insurance company will likely claim against the insurance company of your neighbor to get reimbursed for the cost of removing the tree up your structure. Contrary, if the tree is very much alive, then your insurance company will very likely consider the fallen tree as just an accident and cover the service fee themselves.
Dead tree? Or was the tree alive?
Insurance companies often consider the removal of dead trees to be property maintenance. It also relies on whether or not you had prior information that the tree is dead, which may be complicated because insurance companies would have to establish that you had prior knowledge of the dead tree and chose to do nothing about it. Depending on how difficult the situation is for them, insurance companies may just reimburse the cost of the dead tree removal service rather than fighting the issue in court.
What was the damage done by the fallen tree? Was it on a modified structure on the property? Did the tree hit anything?

Another typical factor that any insurance company policies outline is if there were any damages. Insurance plans are often contractually obligated to restore your damaged property to its original state. If a tree fell on your property but caused no damage, the insurance company may not cover the tree removal service. However, defining the term “damage” can be very subjective. To learn more click here.

Is the expense of stump grinding covered?
The answer may differ depending on your insurance company’s policy. Typically, insurance policies are legally obligated to cover any modified structures on the property. So, based on whether the stump interferes with or interacts with any modified structures (Think about underground utilities, cables, pathways, fences or more.) on the property when the tree falls down, your insurance company will pay it.

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